Günnücek Picnic Area is located in Marmaris National Park boundaries on an area of 26 hectares 1 km from the city centre on Marmaris – Yalancı Strait (Adaköy) road. With a capacity of 3,000 people, it is open for one-day use only.

The area is covered by endemic sweetgum trees and is suitable for air conditioning tourism which has become the trend in recent years. As sweetgum is called “günnük tree” by local people, that site is named Günnücek. Taking a break in hot summer to spend a day in the forest by the sea will be a pleasant experience for you.

Among the sweetgum trees, which are milked of the sweetgum oil used in perfumery, runs a stream though its waters are reduced. National Parks Directorate of Marmaris premise is also here. Located on the sea coast, Günnük is a suitable area for swimmers since the first part remains shallows for about 50 meters.

When you drive from Günnücek towards the Aksaz Military Campground, you come to the area called the Yalancı Strait. It has the appropriate facilities to both sail and spend a quiet day in the beach.

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