Sailing is one of the few sports that anyone and people of all ages can do. There are performance boats for racing. Also there are excursion and recreational boats. Therefore, there are many kinds of sailing boats (Optimist, Laser, Pirat, Catamaran, etc.)

In Marmaris with suitable natural structure for sailing, your combat with natural external forces such as the sea, wind, currents and waves will offer you unforgettable moments. Sailing is a funny, extraordinary and creative sport strengthening the decision-making ability which is similar to playing chess on the sea. This is what makes sailing enjoyable.

The longer you stay at sea, the better you become a sailor.

There are many schools in Marmaris, which will allow you to enjoy this experience. You can not only receive training in certain periods here but also rent sail if you are trained.

By the way, Marmaris hosts many national and international regattas held yearly. If you wish to participate, you can contact the sailing schools.

Before forgetting, our national sailor Çağla Dönertaş, representing our country in international competition, has grown in Marmaris.

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