• Şehir Merkezi : 20km
  • Havaalanı : 60km
  • Bölgede Tesis :

Our Turgut village comes after Orhaniye village in the southwest of Marmaris and makes great progress for tourism every year. It is especially one of the popular hangout spots of jeep safari tours. Also carpet weaving is important and peanuts are grown in the village.

In Turgut, where carpet weaving is at the forefront, you can find rugs from all over Turkey. Visitors can watch live the carpet weaving process.

In Turgut, organic farming, beekeeping, fisheries and livestock are leading activities in addition to tourism. Among places to be visited are Turgut Castle from the ancient Kingdom of Bybassos and Diagoros’s pyramidal tomb and natural waterfall important.

The waterfall is between Bayır and Turgut. On the way from Bayır to Turgut, you can see the sign of the waterfall at the 5th kilometre. After you enter here, you proceed further about 200 meters, you reach the waterfall. The area is a valley covered with forests and various flowers. With its waterfall flowing with a height of approximately 4 meters, it is a particularly popular stopover point for visitors during the hot summer months. The cold water will lure you in the middle of hot summer.

You can get services from small restaurants and hostels near the seaside and waterfall. You can also go hiking in Turgut village where you can taste local dishes, village chicken and seasonal fish.

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